Artistic Director Elena Velasco discusses
A New Nation.
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A New Nation has completed its formal run amid praise from critics, the honor of a Helen Hayes Awards© Recommendation, and the rewarding personal responses from audience members. Many have requested this work be shared in their community. If you are interested in having A New Nation come to you, please contact us at so we can determine how to best serve your community’s needs.

A New Nation is the latest performance piece generated through Convergence Theatre’s Guerrilla Theatre Works model, a synthesis of performance art, poetry, interviews and physical theatre. A New Nation probes responses to the immigration crisis in the US and current perceptions of the stranger, amplifying diverse voices to challenge fear and strengthen our sense of home. The journey of an unaccompanied minor, a deportation notice and everyday life in a new land are glimpses of the narratives that move beyond the boundaries of the theatre itself.

Performances can be framed by Converging Minds, our community engagement events focused transforming art into action. Converging Minds events can feature local leaders who offer simple yet effective ways to be an advocate or just a more inclusive citizen. Or they can feature an Open Spaces engagement providing the opportunity for audience members to connect to other community members to discover ways to become more engaged neighbors and foster dialogue with one another. Combined with the show, Converging Minds becomes the heart of your theatre-going experience.

Production photos for A New Nation by Ethan Malamud.

A trailer for A New Nation by Destiny Martinez.
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Our Season: Unveiling the Invisible

MARCH 2017
Raising the Voice

Wednesday, March 29 from 7-9pm
at Source Theatre

1835 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009

Featuring: Fabiolla da Silva, Oliva Haller, Elena Velasco, and Annette Mooney Wasno

Raising the Voice in a Culture of Violence is a joint performance and praxis event between Domestic Violence Resource Project and Convergence Theatre. This event uses applied theatre methods and performance practices to address issues of violence against women, particularly against women of color.

This is a Pay-What-You-Can Event

JUNE 2017
Activist Art Festival

Convergence Theatre will join with other DC artists for a weekend of performance, hosted by Synetic Theatre in Arlington, VA. In this collaboration, new works will be shared and developed, culminating with performances at various stages in development. In keeping with Convergence’s mission, this project seeks to honor the artistic process and challenge our social values.

JAN-FEB 2018
This Is All Just Temporary

by Convergence Theatre Resident Dramaturg, Olivia Haller – Lauren, a recent college grad, moves back in with her parents while she looks for a job. However, the behavioral aggression of Noah, Lauren’s adult brother with autism, is severely increasing. Lauren struggles between her desire to move away to build her own life and the urgent need to contribute to her family’s crisis. This new work will serve as Convergence Theatre’s offering in the 2018 Women’s Voices Theatre Festival.

Performances at the Anacostia Arts Center, and generously supported by ARCH Development

JULY 2018
GTW3: A New Nation

Building on the success of At What Cost?, this third phase of Guerrilla Theatre Works seeks to strengthen community through the presentation of diverse voices. A NEW NATION continues to press the troubling and changing concept of home, both here and abroad.

Performances at the Anacostia Arts Center, and generously supported by ARCH Development